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The Truck Offroad Getaway, or TOGA for short, is the industry’s first event exclusively for truck owners, focusing on off-road experiences, training, and entertainment. 

What if I have a Jeep or SUV?

TOGA is exclusively for truck owners. Your vehicle must have a truck bed to attend. 

When and where will TOGA take place?

TOGA is scheduled for April 19-21, 2024, at the Hot Springs Off-Road Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

What are the event hours for each day?

3 pm to 7 pm on Friday 

9 am to 10 pm Saturday 

The park is open on Sunday, and Unguided additional trail riding is available. 

Is the park pet friendly?

Yes, animals are welcome as long as they care kept on a leash. You must clean up after them. Nobody likes stepping in dog mess!

Are there restrooms and a shower house on site? 

Yes, there is a restroom and shower house on site as well as port-a-potties scattered around the park. 

Is there Gas on site? (Do I need to fill up before coming?)

There is no gas on site. Please ensure you have a full tank if you plan on trail riding. 


Yes. Hot Springs has many great accomodations.

Camping: https://www.campspot.com/book/hotspringsoffroadpark






How can I register?

You can register now by clicking the “Buy Tickets” button at the top of the page. 

Registration at the gate is open on Friday, April 19, 2024, from 9 am to 11 am. There will be a few tickets for sale at the park entrance, but the tickets will be $100 and will be limited to the remaining number of tickets left. 

Where do I check in?

Check-in is at the entrance of the park. There is only one way into the park, so you can’t miss it! You will be required to go into the shop and sign a waiver. 

What should I bring?

It’s recommended to bring your truck, appropriate outdoor clothing (Prep that it might be chilly or rainy), and any personal items you may need for the duration of the event. Safety and recovery gear for the Red trail rides is also advised if you are planning on participating. 

Are there any accommodation nearby for overnight stays?

While TOGA doesn’t provide direct accommodation, there are several lodging options near the Hot Springs Off-Road Park. 

You can camp in the park. Click here for more information. 

You can find a hotel in the beautiful Hot Springs area. Click here for more information. 


Are there any training seminars? What topics will they cover?

Yes, there will be training seminars covering recovery, towing, and other truck-related topics. More to come closer to the event! 

What activities are planned?

Activities include guided trail rides, training seminars, live music, nightly bonfires, a truck show, and more. 

Can I attend the Show and Tell “Light Up Your Night” Truck Show?

Definitely! It’s scheduled from 6 pm to 8 pm on Friday. Photography will be going on the whole time during this event. Make sure to get your free digital photos taken! 

What are the details of the concert and bonfire?

The concert and bonfire will take place at the pavilion in the park. The bonfire will start around 7 with the concert starting around 8 More to come closer to the event. 

Will there be vendors at the event?

Yes, vendors will be open from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday. 

Is there any merchandise available for purchase at the event?

Yes, there will be TOGA-themed merchandise and various truck accessories available from the vendors. 

What food options will be available?

Lunch and Dinner on Saturday are included in your ticket price for no additional cost. Hotdogs for Lunch and food trucks available for dinner. Food trucks are likely to be Taco, Barbecue, and Pizza. No dinner or lunch is planned at the event on Friday or Sunday. 


How can I participate in the trail rides?

Trail rides are scheduled across the three days. You can join any of the four groups each day based on the schedule. All trail riding does require you to purchase a trail pass from the shop. This is not included in your ticket price. 

There are 3 different planned levels of trail ride: 

  1. Green Trail (Very Easy) Dirt Road, Down and Back. Easy and low probability for any damage. Fun for the whole family and all riders. 4×4 drive not needed. 30 Minutes. 
  1. Yellow Trail (Easy-Medium) Small to Medium sized rock and divots in the road. Most 4×4 vehicles from the factory will be able to accomplish this trail. Chance of popped tires or rock chips hitting paint. Roughly 1.5-2 hrs. 
  1. Red Trail (Medium-Hard) Lift Kit and Big Tires probably required. This is a true offroad trail. Chance of damage. 2-3 hrs. 
Is there a schedule for the trail rides?

Yes, trail rides are scheduled from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday, with specific group timings. Schedules will be posted closer to the event. 

The park is open on Friday and Sunday, with unguided, do it yourself, trail riding available. 

Will I need to purchase a trail pass if I want to participate in the trail rides?

Yes. All vehicles will be required to purchase a trail pass from the shop. 1 per vehicle. If you do not wish to trail ride, the trail pass is not required to enter the part or the event, but you will still need to sign a waver at the park shop. You will need to buy a pass for each day you plan to ride. 

Can beginners participate in the trail rides?

Yes, the trail rides cater to all skill levels. Guides will be available to assist and ensure a safe experience. However, for both the Yellow and Red trails you will be required to participate in a brief safety course as well as have your vehicle inspected for proper/safe equipment. Ther will be a safety course on Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon. It’s recommended you participate in one of these. 

Can I air up/down my tires on site?

Yes. There are multiple inflation/deflation areas on site to help get your truck trail ready and then back to road worthy. You should probably have a spare tire with you, especially if you plan on trail riding!